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WHS Alumni Update: May 11, 2012 | Community Spirit

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WHS Alumni Update: May 11, 2012
WHS Alumni Update: May 11, 2012


We have more happy endings to report this week! DonaldYesterday was a BIG day--Donald, one of our longer term senior residents who was facing medical issues, was adopted! Previously, Donald was forced to live outside 24/7 in a chain-link pen situated on concrete and gravel. A lot of love, care, and attention was given to Donald to help him see this day. Congrats to the new family!  Trunks Remember Trunks, the sweet stray dog who had some joint issues that made climbing stairs a challenge? His former foster family told us he is the sweetest dog they have met to date. He’s now found a forever home, and he looks very content with his new sibling! Rooster“We adopted Rooster from the New York Ave adoption center on March 13. He's been a joy. He follows us from room to room and is getting used to being a ‘house cat.’ He wakes us up every morning by purring and nuzzling our faces. In addition to being very sweet (on his own schedule, of course!), he is also very curious and is always finding new places to explore. As I was writing this email he plopped himself down right between my arms =) Thank you for your help in getting us our new pet!”- Kelsey Reese SafflowerSafflower found a forever home! We are very happy that this sweet, shy, and gorgeous gal will get all the love she craves from her new family. (We just love her photo:)

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