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A tale of Thanksgiving kindness in our Nation's Capital | Community Spirit

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A tale of Thanksgiving kindness in our Nation's Capital
A tale of Thanksgiving kindness in our Nation's Capital


In the midst of the holiday shopping onslaught, it's good to remember the true meaning of the season. A friend of mine, Terence Tomlin, a chef and one-time front man of the phenomenal funk band The Mighty Heard, posted a story on Facebook that brought a tear to my eye. I think Terry's story deserves a bigger audience, so here it is, in his own words:


"Last Tuesday on my way to work I saw a lady struggling with her three kids. Looking at them reminded me of June 1980 when my mother took me, my brother and sister out of a abusive household leaving Bridgeport for California.

Last Friday I went to Five Guys and I saw the same lady cooking behind the counter. I smiled and said hello like a polite stranger then made small talk about kids, politics and weather. I told her that I saw her the other day with her children and that were beautiful. She said thank you and added that she just left her mean ass husband in Texas so her children could have a better life but she's struggling worse than ever... hmmm sound familiar?

Last night a client gave me a HUGE gourmet turkey holiday basket filled the best Wegmans has to offer. I instantly drove over to seek the lady that I had met.

Heart pounding that she might not be there as I approached the Five Guys that I frequent, I see her. She said 'Hola Florentino' I replied 'Hola ma, listen do you have food for you and your children tomorrow?'

The wells in her eyes began to fill up.

She said 'I told my kids that we can't afford that kind of food but I'll work extra hard so this time next year we can.'

With a lump in my throat, hazard lights blinking I ran to my car handed her the basket and said 'In my career I've fed thousands of people and I learned compassion from my mother and Grandmother so please accept this gift of food because I remember as a kid in 1980 in California what it was like to be hungry on Thanksgiving.'

She cried really hard.

People in Five guys clapped and I went home."


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