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2 men plead guilty in armed robbery and carjacking | News

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2 men plead guilty in armed robbery and carjacking

GRENBELT, Md. (WUSA9) -- Two D.C. men plead guilty to armed robbery and carjacking on August 11th.

23-year-old Marcellus Ramone Freeman and 22-year-old Tonnie Floyd plead guilty to robbery, discharging a gun during a robbery and, carjacking.

In October of 2012, Floyd, Freeman and, another co-conspirator used a stolen jeep to follow an armored Garda cash transport truck to a Cricket store in Takoma Park, Maryland, the plea agreement stated.

The Garda driver entered the Cricket store and picked up $3,911 the plea agreement said. When the Garda employee returned to the truck, Freeman and Floyd confronted him with guns, the plea agreement said. The Garda driver dropped the money and at least one of the co-conspirators fired at the employee. The Garda driver returned fire and one of the co-conspirators grabbed the bag of money before the two returned to the stolen Jeep, the plea agreement reported.

The Garda driver continued to fire at the Jeep as the co-conspirators fled the scene, ultimately shooting Floyd in the shoulder and giving the Jeep a flat tire.

The co-conspirators abandoned the Jeep due to the flat tire. The co-conspirators then shot a man in the face and stole his vehicle, the plea agreement stated.

Floyd faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for the armed robbery, life in prison for discharging a weapon during a crime, and 25 years in prison for carjacking. If Freeman accepts the plea agreement he will be sentenced to 241 months to 30 years in prison.

The third co-defendant, age 25, was charged by indictment for charges related to the robbery and is set to go on trial in September.


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