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Be A "VIP" Of Chick-fil-A & Win A Trip To Atlanta

Be A "VIP" Of Chick-fil-A & Win A Trip To Atlanta

Do you love Chick-fil-A? If so, the 51 Chick-fil-A restaurants in the D.C. area have launched their “VIP of My Chick-fil-A” contest. This contest offers the chance for participants to win a free, one-day trip to Atlanta to score a Behind-the-Scenes tour of Chick-fil-A’s Corporate Headquarters.

To participate in the contest, guests should submit a written story through Facebook explaining why they should be selected as a “VIP” of their local Chick-fil-A restaurant. You can submit your stories by Saturday, Oct 13 to be entered in the contest.

From Oct.15 through Saturday, Nov.3, customers and friends can vote for their favorite finalists on Facebook. 

For more information on the contest, call your local restaurant in the Washington, D.C. area.

To find a nearby restaurant, click here. 

5 Ingredients Lurking in Beauty Products That Should Be Avoided

5 Ingredients Lurking in Beauty Products That Should Be Avoided

When it comes to picking out makeup, women often flock to the “it” brands they read about in magazines, but what exactly lurks in these “it” brands? Parabens? Synthetic fragrances? Sulfates? What defines the products you love may ultimately be negatively affecting the state of your skin and hair.

Through extensive research, EnvyDerm High Performance Cosmetics discovered which ingredients may cause harm in the long run. Avoiding such ingredients all together, EnvyDerm brings all-natural products to your eyes and lips using healthy and rare elements that have been overlooked by other cosmetic companies.

What ingredients has EnvyDerm purposefully overlooked for your safety? EnvyDerm High Performance Cosmetics wants to make you aware of 5 ingredients you want to avoid in your eye and lip products:

Prince George's Cop In Tick Tock Liquors Probe Sentenced

GREENBELT, Md. (WUSA) -- A former Prince George's County Police officer who conspired with other officers, the owner of Tick Tock Liquors, and others to transport and distribute untaxed cigarettes has been sentenced to five years and a day in prison.

Chong Chin Kim, 44, of Odenton, Md. was sentenced on Thursday. He must also serve three years of supervised release after serving his jail time and forfeit $2,661, 240.

The Department Of Justice said in a press release that Kim "conspired with Chun 'Eddy' Chen, who owned a carry-out store in Maryland; Amir Miljkovic, who owned a business called Prestige Auto Glass in College Park, Maryland; former Prince George's County police officer Richard Delabrer; and others to transport and distribute untaxed cigarettes and alcohol in Maryland, Virginia and elsewhere."

According to a plea agreement, Kim and Delabrer were paid to protect the transportation and distribution.

Occasionally Cake Offers FREE CAKE TRUFFLES; Donates to Boys & Girls Club On Friday

Occasionally Cake Offers FREE CAKE TRUFFLES; Donates to Boys & Girls Club On Friday

Occasionally Cake of Old Town Alexandria, Va. is hosting a special back to school event on Fri., Sept. 14 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. handing out a free cake truffle per person to all their patrons with no purchase necessary and is selling apple-shaped cookies with all cookie proceeds to be donated to the Dunbar Alexandria-Olympic Branch of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington. Event takes place at 207 King Street in Old Town Alexandria, Va. Call 703- or visit www.occasionallycake.com for more information.

ALERT: New Traffic Light Law In Md. To Go Into Effect

PIKESVILLE, Md. (WUSA) - Beginning Oct. 1 Md. drivers will be required to obey by a new law when approaching a non-functional traffic light, according to Maryland State Police.

The new law states that when approaching a non-functional traffic light drivers need to make a complete stop: at a clearly marked stop line; before entering any crosswalk; or before entering the intersection.

Once stopped the driver must: yield to any vehicle or pedestrian in the intersection; and remain stopped until it is safe to enter and continue through the intersection.

"Just because a traffic control signal is not functioning at an intersection does not mean drivers are relieved of their duty to exercise care and caution. The new law makes clear the procedures each driver must now follow," the Maryland State Police stated in a press release.

Rescuers Nearly Killed On Beltway: Fire/EMS Chief Speaks Out On "Move Over" Law

GREENBELT, Md. (WUSA) -  The Prince George's County Fire Chief is speaking out about two recent incidents that have damaged emergency apparatus causing them to be placed out of service for an extended time and unavailable for emergency responses, according to a press release issued by the Fire/EMS department.

The release states:  "As our highways grow more congested and driver inattentiveness grows due to the advent of handheld communication and information technologies, our concern for responder and worker safety at traffic incidents has never been greater," said Fire Chief Marc Bashoor. "While secondary incidents involving workers can take many forms, they often occur when our emergency personnel and apparatus are struck by inattentive or distracted drivers, while we are working at a roadway scene."

Local Democrats React To RNC Speech By Mitt Romney

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) --- WUSA 9 invited a group of local Democrats to watch Mitt Romney's RNC speech.

Watch the video to see their reactions.
The group includes:

1. Montgomery County Young Democrats

-Laurie-Anne Sayles, VP of Montgomery County Young Democrats (MCYD)

-Abe Saffer, Communications Director, MCYD

-Valeria Carranza, MCYD Member

-Chris Bradbury, Programming Director, MCYD

-Nicole Williams, Executive Committee Member, Young Democrats of America

2. Prince George's County Young Democrats

-Larry Stafford Jr.,  President, Prince George's County Young Democrats

3. Fairfax County Young Democrats

Matthew Bell, President, Fairfax County Young Democrats