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Before and After! Greenbelt Woman Gets an EXTREME Makeover On "MAURY" | People

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Before and After! Greenbelt Woman Gets an EXTREME Makeover On "MAURY"
Before and After! Greenbelt Woman Gets an EXTREME Makeover On "MAURY"


The "Maury" Show sent us this information:




MAURY: Thursday, September 22 on WDCW Channel 50 at 4:00 p.m.

STAMFORD, CT -September 19, 2011-- On Thursday, September 22, 2011 host Maury Povich performs some drastic transformations as family members beg for their relatives to be transformed from trashy to classy.


Greenbelt resident, Anthony Carter called the MAURY show after he says, his mother, Tracey Carter’s risqué attire got her booted off of Facebook…five times!


Maury shows the audience an example of the type of clothes Tracey wears and explains that Tracey calls her photos art.


“I call it being buck-ass naked on the internet,” Anthony exclaims. Anthony goes on to explain how Tracey takes pictures in nothing but body paint, forcing him to “defriend” her on Facebook.”


“What she does is change her name, just a little bit, then gets back on…I don’t want all my friends and family to see her naked on the internet,” Anthony details.

“She says every curve has a story.” Maury explains Tracey’s motto to the audience.

“Okay, that’s true, Anthony replies, “But that don’t mean the whole world need to see all the stories at the same time,” Anthony reasons.

Maury invites Tracey to the stage to get her take of the situation. She appears in a red vinyl mini-dress with holes cut out, revealing her black bra; with her hair styled in black and red dread locs to match.

“I’m a sexy plus-sized model and my son should be proud to have a mother that looks just like me,” Tracey states.


She goes on to explain how she changed her name to “Love Self” and has the tattoo on her arm to match. “Every curve has a story and I want the world to read my book.” Tracie says.“[My son] just don’t understand. I’m 47 years old and I look good…All my plus-sized queens, this [is] for you.” Tracey says.


Maury explains to Tracey that Anthony’s dream is to take a photograph of his mom, after the makeover that he would be proud to put on Facebook. “Our styling team is waiting backstage to start the amazing transformation,” Maury announces to Tracey.


He leads her off the stage and into her makeover.


Once Tracey’s makeover is revealed, Anthony falls to the floor in celebration. “Oh My God!” Anthony exclaims as he greets his mother with a big hug.She returns with a more conservative look in a purple dress with black belt and a matching purple cardigan.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Maury declares. Tracey starts crying when she sees her son’s excitement. “I’m doing it for my son.”

Maury gives Tracey a professional photo shoot to highlight her new look.


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