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Photo Gallery | Say Chance: Local Teens That Rock

You Tube has become a popular platform for artists to break into the music scene by showcasing their talents for the world to see in the comfort of their own home. For 20-year-old guitarist, Kelly Rosenthal, a chance meeting through posted videos on the site helped create a band and form a forever friendship.

Kelly Rosenthal met two local Towson teens, Maddie Freeman and Taylor Broom, through videos posted on You Tube.

“I had been uploading videos of myself playing guitar on the Internet and I came across videos of Taylor and Maddie strumming the guitar and singing. I felt compelled to tell them how wonderful they were and how we should collaborate. We decided to meet in person, and a year later here we are,” explained Rosenthal.

The talented trio has been traveling up and down the east coast and recently opened for Delta Rae at a popular D.C. concert venue, Sixth & I Historic Synagogue.

In this performance the ladies proved to be mature beyond their years vocally and instrumentally with great melodies and tight harmonies. They have a fresh sound and great chemistry; definitely a group to keep track of.

They will be back in D.C. this weekend opening for Augustana at the 930 Club.

You can find their music on You Tube or on their website. Check out my favorite track here!