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Photo Gallery | DC's Mary Cooper Celebrates Her 10oth Birthday at The Mall at Prince Georges

New research explains that turning 100-years-old could be linked to a person's positive outlook. 

This research was supported today when I met the very bright and beautiful Mary Cooper who just turned a happy and healthy 100-years-old.

"Throughout my life I have surrounded myself with positive people who are kind to each other. There is no room in life for those who are negative," said Ms. Cooper.

To say Ms. Cooper has lived through and seen a lot in her lifetime would be an understatement although she did say that the most amazing moment in her lifetime so far came a few years ago in 2008 when President Barack Obama was elected.

This D.C. resident who moved from South Carolina at the age of nine told us about her recent battle with cancer (which she has won) and her life as a young woman living in Alaska married to a man in the military. 

"Mary Cooper is a true inspiration," explained The Mall's marketing director Victoria Clark. 

Ms. Cooper told us she has never smoked, or drank alcohol and loves food (especially veggies and fried chicken) to travel, dance, play cards and meet people.